Sequential Plastic Appliances, most commonly known as Invisalign, uses a series of clear aligners to straighten your teeth that are less visible than traditional braces. It moves teeth by applying a series of sequential plastic aligners for around two weeks per aligner. Simple cases in adults and teenagers can be tackled with Invisalign.

Invisalign is not suitable in cases where even moderate root movement is required. It therefore works best for patients who don’t need any teeth removed and therefore don’t require the closure of any extraction spaces. Invisalign Teen uses some compliance indicators to allow the Orthodontist to see how much the appliance is being worn, and allows for a guess to me made about the eruption of teeth.

Dr Tait was the first to use the Invisalign technique in the Toowoomba region and continues to use it in a limited capacity for selected cases, giving him a very high success rate. If the appropriate standard is not able to be achieved with Invisalign then the treatment may need to be completed using regular braces

Category: Some of the broad types of orthodontic appliances that are used at DST are:

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