We offer the full range of clear, metal, and coloured braces and will discuss the right option for you.

Metal braces are the standard brace made of stainless steel, and are the strongest type of braces.

Coloured braces re popular with kids.  Kids can choose a new and different colour at each visit when we replace the rings. They are simply a small coloured ring used to hold the wire in place, and placed over standard braces.

Clear braces are made of a ceramic material and are either clear or a colour we choose to closely match your teeth. They can be more fragile than a metal brace but are aesthetically superior.

Lingual techniques, such as Incognito, can be a more aesthetic option which place the braces on the inside of the teeth, so they can’t be seen.

There are other names that manufacturers have given to their proprietary braces systems and all rely on force to move teeth.

There is still much research to be done to confirm various claims about faster treatment times.  The science remains firm however, that the key determining factor of length of treatment is the rate of turnover of bone surrounding the tooth and the limit this puts on how fast teeth can move.

The tooth doesn’t know that it is attached to a bracket or has a particular type of archwire … it can only react to the force delivered by the appliance.

Category: Some of the broad types of orthodontic appliances that are used at DST are:

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